Poll: Would you attend a Christian conference taught by successful leaders, if they were outside your own group?
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4 66.67%
2 33.33%
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Jack was right!
When I was a student, Brother Hyles gave one of the best pieces of advice I have ever heard. He said that if you are not succeeding in your ministry, find someone who is and ask for advice. That advice has served me well for decades.

My wife and I are IFBs who serve in a Godly soul-winning Assemblies of God church here in Mexico. Neither one of us is a charismatic. The local district consists of about twenty small, struggling AOG churches, whose pastors and families are sacrificing to do God´s work. With about eighty people (we had 94 this week) we are by far the largest in the district, and are one of the largest AOG churches in Mexico.

I told him about a live church-planting conference that will be broadcast on the web on May 19. All of the speakers have started large, successful Bible churches. It is aimed at church planters who cannot afford to go to big conferences. But he explained that the AOG has a church-planting conference every two months, and it is well-attended. Yes. By pastors of small, struggling AOG churches.

Listen to non-charismatics who have founded large churches? Try to learn from someone outside your own camp who is being used by God? Nope.
Besides me, two people voted Yes and two voted No in the poll. Would you like to explain your answers? And Brethren, let's discuss it calmly, not hatefully, if someone does explain their answer.
Where does the Bible teach that "large" and "successful" are the same things?

How does greater numbers in attendance equate to being a greater work for God?

Who gets the glory for those greater numbers?

I am not saying large churches can't also be a great work for God,  We all know they can be and often are.

But big numbers do not always mean big success.  All too often they only mean a bigger mess.

(Yes I know, bad poetry.  It's a Hyles poem.  Although I don't think he was ever aware he wrote it)

It has been over 2 years now since you ask for explanation from someone who voted NO in your poll.

Do you plan on coming back to continue discussion?

As a further explanation, let me also say that as a Christian I consider the group I belong to to be very broad.

I would not consider someone to be outside my own camp unless they were teaching something that was blatant heresy.

For example.. since you mentioned them... were I looking for ideas on building a church.. I would not attend a conference held by charismatics.

Reason - - I do not believe in the validity of speaking in tongues today.. nor do I believe the vast majority of people that might be attracted to that kind of church are there for the right reasons. 

Does that help?

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