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sight seeing in a WW2 fighter??
if you ever dreamed of taking a ride in a WW2 fighter....  and even more.... wanted to take that ride over the island of oahu, where WW2 for the united states started..... your chance may be coming soon... ..... a sight seeing company will soon begin offering aerial tours of oahu military bases, in a modified WW2 P51 mustang - originally built in 1944..... won;t be cheap.... . and waivers will no doubt have to be signed..... ..but check this out..... ..

by the way..... ... i wasn;t sure where to post this.... ..but i figured it might fit in the technology forum since aeronautical technology has advanced at lightning speed since the old P51 was invented.... ... when it first took to the air the P51 was the most technologically advanced fighter in the world .... . yet today it is considered primitive next to modern fighter jets..... . and yet there people alive today who actually flew the P51 in combat in WW2..... ... .

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